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Michael Fitzpatrick

I am using GFI Faxmaker for exchange v9 in conjuntion with
Exchange and Outlook 2000. On a whole I am pretty happy
with the setup. However, we have recently purchased a new
piece of case management software that allows us to export
our contact database into a shared outlook folder
dynamically...which is peachy, except the fax addreses
that we so desperately want to be able to use in
conjunction with our fax software/server (FAXMaker for
exchange v9 and exchange/outlook 2000) do not show up in
our address book unless we manually open the contact
record double-click on the business fax address to show
the 'check phone number' dialog box. Once this dialog is
open we just have to close it, and then save and close the
record....and fax address shows up as a business fax
address in our address book immediately. The only
noticeable change is a "+1" is prefixed to the existing
fax number. I tried updating the source numbers in the CM
system via SQL, but they just came over as corrupt
addresses. Which leads me back to outlook, I cannot open
and close each record b/c we have over 19,000 and
growing. How can I get outlook/exchange to reckognize the
contents of the business fax field within the record as a
vaild fax address programatically, or semi-automatically?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Fitzpatrick

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Not really a fax question I'm afraid, so I doubt you'll find much help here.
Sounds like a problem for the makers of your case management software. Seems
they don't have the export process figured out yet.

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