FAT32 on NAS not accessible



I successfully installed Vista on my Dell Inprison 9100 (new, not upgrade).
I updated the OS and devices. I attempted to access my CoolMAX NAS (Network
Attached Storage) and this resulted in files showing up as nonsense or
no-named folders. The NAS was formatted using FAT32.

I am able to access the files from my Windows XP Pro computers without any

Is this a device issue or a Windows Vista issue?


Sorry Brad, since you asked, i just checked. My NAS has a FAT32 limit. I just
turned it on and have no problem accessing it from Vista 5384.

Prashanth Prahalad [MSFT]

This could be a NAS box issue.

Can you access the folders correctly from the command prompt. If so, this is
a known issue.

If you cant access this from a command prompt, I would be interested in
debugging this more.


I have a similar issue. I do not see all the files/directories on my NAS
(maxtor 200GB with 1 file system) in explorer on VISTA x64, but when I open a
command prompt I see everything. The NAS works perfectly on 5 other systems
with xp-pro, xp-prox64 and w2k. Been using it for 5 months or so.

If you want to debug this further I am only too willing to work with you. I
really cannot test much of anything on VISTA since all my data files (i.e. my
documents) are on the NAS dirve.

Thanks in advance.


PS: I believe that the maxtor is running ntfs. It has all 200GBs in 1 file
systems, so it can't be fat. it says it is running Windows NT 4.9 server (it
is a version of Linux running on the NAS.)

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