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Hi Group,

I fitted a NAS Drive to a customers Network: BT HomeHub, Dell PC running
Vista connected wirelessly and 2 Dell Laptops also wireless the NAS is
plugged into BT HomeHub. The customer had previously used an external USB
drive connected to the Dell PC to backup to, I tried to change the Backup to
the NAS drive, when I try to change the Backup schedule Vista keeps asking me
for passwords to connect to the NAS, I have tried using the passwords on the
NAS but then it gives a RPC error with varying code numbers then goes onto
say drive J: not found.

I have tried setting NAS to J: with no joy, the big kick in the pants is the
NAS is seen and able to access in "My Computer"

Can I delete the Backup schedule if so how do you do it?

hoping someone can help.


Eddie Donnelly
E & S Computers

Dizzy Dan

Hello -
I just setup a NAS for backups for a client yesterday. This is how I
acheived my goal:
- On the NAS, i'm assuming you have a share folder setup called backup. If
not, you can do so by connecting to the NAS through its ip address.
- Map a drive to the "backup" share in "My Computer" (if one is already
mapped, disconnect and remap it)
- Lets say the NAS is named "NAS_Backup" on the network. The location to
set the backup to go to will be \\NAS_Backup\backup.

Hope this helps!

Dizzy Dan

One more thing i forgot to mention...make sure that all the computers
(including the NAS) are in the same workgroup. I had an issue yesterday and
figured out that the NAS defaulted to a workgroup called VOLUME. This is
changeable in the NAS settings. I changed all the workgroups to be the same
and everything went smooth after that.

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