Missing NAS Drive UNder Vista



My home network is made up of
- 1 XP desktop
- 1 Vista desktop
- 1 Vista laptop
- 1 Belkin NAS drive
- Belkin Wireless Router (also connected to my cable modem)
The two desktops and the NAS are connected to the router by wire, and the
laptop by wi-fi.
Both of the desktops are able to access files on the NAS drive, but I cannot
get it to appear on the Vista laptop. I can't see any difference in set-up.
Even when I connect the laptop to the router by wire, I can't get the NAS
drive to appear on the network map.

I want to use the NAS drive as my main file server, and would ideally then
like to synchronise the two Vista machines to it using the Sync Centre.

Please advide what I need to do to get the NAS drive to appear on the Vista


OK. Thanks to the person who, in another post, mentioned Norton. I discovered
that Norton Firewall was on. When I turned it off, my NAS drive appeared.
Just confirms my view of Norton!

Anyone reading these posts because they have similar problems, that's what I
suggest you check.


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