Extreme Speed Internet Access


Chas Keith

We live in the country and dont have access to high speed cable. However, my
service provider offers "extreme speed". The main thrust there is:
compression and caching. My question, dont pc users already have caching;
providing we activate it in our system? So, whats the hype? And if there
are users that use this, what your opinion?


The real factor is the compression of the art work on the web pages being
sent. This is suppose to speed up the web loading and although I don't have
it at this present time ( I have DSL ) it seems like a good idea. I hear
isps are charging $5 for the add on service. Go for it. Jym

Brian Lacher

My father-in-law owns a dial-up ISP. He says (to me)that this new
compression stuff is the cat's meow. (Just for ref. he and I both use
cable-modem access.) From what I understand that most web pages will load
almost as fast as a broadband connection with this compression technology

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