External USB drive not detected



I can not detect my USB external drive ( Fujitsu MHT2040AH ) on my PC, even
though it shows up under device manager and says all OK. Under properties,
under volumes, it provides the following: Disk: Disk 1, Type: Basic, Status:
Online, ]Patition Style: Master Boot Record MBR, Capactity: 38147,
Unallocated Space: 38146..

I am not a PC expert, my hunch is that the drive is not formatted or
partitioned correctly. How do I format the drive when I can't see it under my
computer? Or if you think of something else, please help




Just a quibble... the problem isn't that the drive isn't being detected, it
is detected and visible in Device Manager. It isn't visible in My Computer
and your hunch about why is probably right. Try using Administrative
Tools-Computer Management-Disk Management to partition and format the
unallocated space. If that doesn't work for some reason you might need 3rd
party partitioning software, possibly a disc or download from Fujitsu, to
prepare the drive for use.

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