Extending the C: Volume



Hi All,

I am running Vista Home Basic with one HDD. When I look at the disk
management graphic, I see 10 GB of unallocated space then my C: system volume
(looking left to right).

I want to have only one volume (C:) that includes the entire HDD. When I
try to extend the current C: volume it is greyed out. How do I confiure the
entire drive as C: without losing any programs/data or reinstalling Vista?

Thanks in advance for any help


Try formatting the unallocated space first.
Even then, you may not be able to extend C: to that space using Vista Basic
computer management.
You could make it a D: drive and store files there.


I assume you know what that 10 GB of space was.
It could be a recovery partition


This is a Gateway notebook and the 10 GB was in fact a recovery disk. I have
been able to format and use the 10 GB as drive D:. I can even shrink and
expand the newly formatted D: dirve. Problem however is that I am unable to
extend the C: drive which is my goal.


unless you have recovery cd's, leave the recovery partition alone, you will
need it later.

Mark L. Ferguson

The problem lies in the trick used to create the recovery partition as D: In
a normal partitioning, it would have been C: drive and at the front of the
hard disk. Your C: will not expand to include the "D:" because "D:" is in
front of your "C:" You could extend the D: if you removed the C:, assuming
the system was on D: instead.
I'm not sure what would happen to the letter designations in that case.
Since the creator of the system intended to use an image to rebuild the
nominal C: drive, putting the C: last on the disk was an advantage for the
bootability of D while formatting C:.

Colin Barnhorst

It would have been better to leave the recovery partition alone and use an
external drive for additional space. You just are not picking up very much
additional space. You said the 10GB was on the left of C:. That just does
not sound right. If it is true then I don't think you can extend C: to the
left. All the other times I have looked at a drive with a recovery
partition the D: drive was to the right of C: and was the last 10GB on the


He probably meant to state that `EveN XP uses about 8GB`,which is certainly
not true.I remember having created a 3-gigabyte partition for XP
professional gold(rtm)(32-bit edition) with all optional components

Who's Eve ?

Colin Barnhorst

Correction: I spaced the arrangement of recovery partitions for a moment.
I clearly got that one wrong guys. Sorry.

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