Exporting images to word, excel and pdf



I have aspx page which contains some gif, jpg and png images. PNG image is
generated dynamically. This file is basically a graph image.

The problem i am facing in exporting these images to word, excel and pdf.

Is there anyway to export these images in ASP.NET

I need solution urgent.

Yaseen D M

Cor Ligthert [MVP]


I think that you have to rephrase your question.

Word and Excel are all part of office
PDF is a part of Adobe.

What do you want to achieve paste it in an open document or by instance
write those images as document. A little bit crazy if you can with one click
save them.

So maybe can you explain it a little bit more for us?



My question is i am using a third party char generator. I am generating
charts in .png file format. Now what i want to do is Export this generated
chart image along with some gif and jpeg images to Excel, work and PDF files.

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