Excel 2007 - ActiveChart.Export blurry images.



We have been using ActiveChart.Export to create .GIF images in Excel 2003
without an issue. Using the same code in Excel 2007 we're getting blurry text
in the images. The text only appears blurry when it's black text on a white

See sample image here: http://i33.tinypic.com/141sd2o.gif

I've also tried PNG and JPG with the same results. BMP on the other hand
exports as expected. Unfortunately we're using these on the web and exporting
many of these daily so BMP will not work for us.

Has anyone seen this before?

Jon Peltier

They changed the way graphics are rendered in Excel 2007, and I have been
underwhelmed by the results.

- Jon


We were able to resolve this issue by explicitly setting the background to
white. In the image attached above it was set as 'no fill'.

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