Resolution of inserted images in Outlook 2007


Mimi C.

I used to be able to insert or paste images into the body of an
Outlook email message without any distortion. With Outlook 2007, the
result is always zoomed in, blurry and crappy looking, no matter
method I try. These methods used to work but don't work anymore.

* Paste Special, then select Device independent bitmap.
* Insert Picture > From File, then browse to a GIF or JPG or PNG
* Change image resolution in Photoshop from 72dpi to 96 dpi, then
paste into Outlook message.

For the record, my display is set to the default 96 dpi, and I have
changed Outlook's target output image compression settings to 96 ppi
based on a suggestion I read elsewhere. No luck.

I need to send images without any size or pixel changes. Do I have to
use attachments now?


I am having the very same problem, and just noticed that one workaround is
opening the image in any web browser and copying it from there. It won't work
when I copy the very same image it from my image editing program.

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