excel toolbar won't save


George Applegate

i'm having a problem.

When I open excel, the toolbar looks a certain way. Okay, I make
changes to the appearance of the toolbar, and close excel. Problem is
next time I open excel, the toolbar is back to the way it was
originally. In fact, the date of the file says modified today, but
created 10/6/2005. I know the settings are supposed to be saved in a
file called excel11.xlb (I am on excel 2003, sp3), and that file
appears where it's supposed to. Because when I open excel and close
it again, it changes the date/time on this file.

But it never saves the actual toolbar settings the way I have them. I
have a toolbar from another application which is added in. I even
delete that toolbar, but the minute I reopen excel, it's
baaacckkkk...Kind of like "they're back..."

Anyone have any suggestions to what I can do? Is this related to some
security patch of microsoft that they now open a "default" tool-bar
every time rather than how I last saved it?


George Applegate
(e-mail address removed)

Dave Peterson

My bet is that you have two different versions of your toolbar (*.xlb) file.
The correct one gets updated, but then is superseded by the wrong one as soon as
excel opens.

I'd try this:

Close excel
use windows search to look for *.xlb
Delete (or move) any that you find.

And remember to look through hidden folders, too. People can have trouble
finding them.

If you can't find your files using windows start button|Search, then you could
use an old DOS command to search and delete/move them

Windows Start button|Run
(to get to the Command prompt)

(to get to the C: drive--change this to the drive that excel is installed on)

(to get to the root directory)

dir *.xlb /s

The /s says to search subfolders, too.

Make a note of the locations of the found files.

Then delete/move them.

Then try to restart excel to test. Make a small change to a toolbar, close
excel and reopen to see if it "stuck".


I have the same problem as described by GeorgeA. I deleted the *.xlb files,
but there was no change when I opened XL. Any other suggestions?

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