dual monitors and excell 2007 vs 2003


George Applegate

Interesting question why/why not.

I have dual monitors. When I had 2003, even with a window maximized on
one monitor, I could "drag" it to the other monitor (nvidia
functionality I think).

Now that I've switched to office 2007, this no longer works? Any
suggestions on why not? I can still drag/drop my other applications
(maximized or not) from one monitor to the other, just not Office 2007
apps - word, excel, etc.


George Applegate
(e-mail address removed)


I suspect this may be a limitation of the nvidia software you're using. By
default, Windows does not allow a maximized window to be dragged from one
monitor to the other. A third party app (like your nvidia) is required for

I use a freeware app called Display Fusion for additional dual-monitor
functionality on my computer. I have no trouble dragging any maximized
windows from monitor to monitor (Office 2007 or other).


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