excel 2007 macro question


George Applegate

Is there a way to run a macro so that every time ANY (new or existing)
excel spreadsheet is opened, that it changes the default color palette
to a specific choice, i.e. "Custom 1"????

I have a custom palette I want to be the default regardless of whether
the workbook/spreadsheet file is a new - or existing - one.

Thanks much,

George Applegate
(e-mail address removed)

Ron de Bruin

Hi George

You can use a workbook template
Open a new workbook and change the things you want (Font/background color, font and font size and ?)

Then use File>Save As to save the file as a Template (xlt, in 2007 xltx or xltm) with the
name Book in the XLSTART folder.

You can find the Excel startup folder here
Note: this a hidden folder

C:\Documents and Settings\Ron\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

Or in Vista

With code you can find the correct path with this code line
MsgBox Application.StartupPath

Every workbook you a add is based on this template now.

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