how do we get 2003 .xlb toolbars and custom macros to show in 07



I have custom macros that are saved in an .xls file under the XLStart/ folder
in Excel 2003. These macros are referenced by an Excel11.xlb file that holds
the toolbars. All of these automatically open because they are under the
XLStart/ folder. How do I get them into Excel 2007 so they will open
automatically and how can I get the custom toolbar file to show up.



Dave Peterson

I would drop the toolbar file and create that toolbar on the fly when excel
opens the .xls file. It'll make things much easier.

Saved from a previous post:

For additions to the worksheet menu bar, I really like the way John Walkenbach
does it in his menumaker workbook:

Here's how I do it when I want a toolbar:
(from Debra Dalgleish's site)

In xl2007, those toolbars and menu modifications will show up under the addins.

And if you use xl2007:

If you want to learn about modifying the ribbon, you can start at Ron de Bruin's
site: -- For macros for all workbooks (saved as an

And Bob Phillips shows a way to use a wrapper so that it can work in both xl2003
and xl2007.

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