Excel spreadsheet corrupt


Greg Howell

Does anyone know how I can recover a corrupt spreadsheet.
Got 2 days worth of work tied up and would like to find a
way not to start over. Any ideas would be greatly



Jan Karel Pieterse

Hi Greg,
Does anyone know how I can recover a corrupt spreadsheet.

Options to try and open a corrupt file

- Set calculation to manual
- open the file, but disable macros (assuming you've set macro security
to medium: Tools, Macro, security)
- As soon as you've clicked the disable macros button, press
control-pageup or control-pagedown, thus changing sheets.

If that does not work, try creating a link to the file:

='c:\my documents\[MyFileName.xls]Sheet1'!A1

and copy right and down. This at least gets you the worksheets values.

if you don't know the sheet names, enter this:


and press enter

If XL (2000) is able to extract them, it will prompt you for a sheet

Sometimes the Excel viewer, Word or even Internet explorer (v5) enables
you to open the file and copy information out of it.

Also, Excel XP can sometimes repair XL files with trouble.


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP

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