Repairing a corrupt excel spreadsheet



Isn't there a tool from Microsoft that can repair
corrupted excel spreadsheets - or at least attempt ?

I can't seem to find this. If anyone can make a
suggestion - much appreciated.




Rob Bovey

Hi Julie,

No, there's no such thing as an Excel file repair utility. What do you
mean exactly by corrupted? If you can't open the file for some reason, later
versions of Excel tend to be better at it than earlier versions, and
OpenOffice can often open workbooks that no version of Excel will. If you'd
like to send it to me I'd be happy to give it a try.

If you can open it but you're just having problems with it, try saving
it as HTML, then open the HTML version and save it as an Excel workbook.
This will often clean up workbooks that open but are experiencing other

Rob Bovey, MCSE, MCSD, Excel MVP
Application Professionals

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