Excel hangs frequently



I am using Excel 2007 on Vista Ultimate x64.
A fairly large spreadsheet locks up frequently when I add a blank column
with (Ctrl +).
After a couple of minutes it still says "Not responding".
If I close it, open it and try again then it sometimes does it successfully
(in seconds), sometimes hangs again.
The xls file works fine with Excel 2003.

The xlsx file is 25Mb which seems very large. Saving it as an xls is only

Any suggestions (apart from switching back to 2003)?
Many thanks

Nick Hodge


Something is corrupting as the xlsx is a zipped file format so in general
the file would be half the size of an xls. If you want to send me the xls I
will try and upgrade it and see if I get the same thing.

Take the obvious out to email me


Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)
web: www.nickhodge.co.uk
blog (non tech): www.nickhodge.co.uk/blog

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