Excel crashes when copy



Hi all,
I have an excel spreadsheet (6MB). It crashes whenever I tried to
copy/cut any cell from any worksheet within the workbook. Any idea on how I
can trouble the problem? I have a copy of the workbook before I modified
couple macro, that version still works. I have even tried disabled the
macros, it still crashes. I can insert row, and worksheet. I just can't
cut/copy cells.



when excel repeatedly crashes:
first make sure your TEMP directory is cleaned.

close excel

in windows
Run %temp%

if you find hundreds or thousands of files..
i'm quite confident your problems s/b solved after cleanup.
you s/b able to delete (almost) all files and directories
in the temp directory.

when that is solved..
there are plenty more probs that could cause excel
to crash on copying a sheet.

very often it's DEFINED names. (or VIEWS)
d/l NAME MANAGER addin to check if names may be causing your probs.


Hi KeepITCool,
Temp directory doesn't have much stuff in there (10MB). It's mostly
likely caused by defined names. Would you please tell me what should I look
for and steps to troubleshoot the problem?



Even though I have got rid of all the #refs. It still won't let me copy/cut.
(paste works fine though). Now I can't even launch the Name manager (it'll
crash - but only on that xls).


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