Excel crash, "Too many different cell formats"


R Torbert

How do I recover my Excel file? When I try to open, I
get, "Too many different cell formats".



Philipp von Wartburg


If the file opens (after closing the error message),
reduce the number of different cell formats. Here you find
a detailed description, many tips and hints (in german):

There is an Excel add-in called "Cell Format Counter". It
helps you to find out, how many cell formats are used,
available and allowed in a workbook. Here is the
description of the add-in:
Download of the add-in:

If the Excel file does not open after closing the error
message, IMHO there's no way to recover the file. But you
can try a recovery/repair tool. Here is a list:


¦¦¦ xlam - Excel and more!




Regardiing recovering your crashed workbook (assumming you
don't create backups), I recently had to reover a trashed
workbook. I created a new workbook and linked cells from
the new workbook to the equivalent cells in the broken
workbook. You don't have to open the broken workbook for
this to work. I had some cleaning up to do, but most of my
data was recovered. I can't remember the exact syntax of
the formulas to use, but it was something like:
='C:\[BrokenWB.xls]SheetName1'!A1, etc.

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