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Mar 24, 2014
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I'm busy with a calculating sheet about the inventory at our company. In the excel list we have all our products including the products of our daughtercompany. In Excel our products have a H and the other products a R.
The excel document calculates the number of products who are to much in storage and the value of these products.
Lets say in row A stays an H or R, with a filter on H
In Row B stays the number or retour per product
In Row C stays the number of products which are to much in storage, this is different from B.
In row D stays the value of C * costprice
I want to sum up the total value of retour, which stays in row D. But with this criteria:
- Row A is filtered with H, so only the products from our company are visible
- Only want to sum the values from te product in row D when the number in Row c is more than zero

I tried with sumifs and with subtotal but it didn't work. Hope you can help me


Mar 20, 2012
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can you provide a small sample of your data? It can have dummy numbers, I just want to see the structure. One of the problems first off that you'll likely run into is that whether or not you have a filter, Excel will usually still calculate hidden cells. If you provide a small sample of how the data is laid out, I should be able to come up with something for you.

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