Excel How to Autocomplete text/string within a single cell, between different worksheets

Aug 27, 2017
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I have a huge list of product numbers, for example; 1234567-00-A. I want excel to auto complete the product number when i typed in a single cell.

I have two sheets;
Sheet A has all the lists of unique Product Numbers.
Sheet B has only few records linked with sheet A via vlookup.

Question; when i typed any product number, i have to type complete number.

Is it possible if when i type only first 3 or 4 numbers the complete product number is autocompleted.?

Aug 8, 2005
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I have MS Excel 2007 and autocomplete is installed by default. As you have a `huge list of product numbers' I don't think autocomplete will be able to meet your expectations. As far as I know, from my experience, it has limited functionality.
Perhaps someone with more and better experience than me could advise a solution for you?

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