Excel 2007 - publish chart as htm web page file



When I select a chart in Excel 7 and select Save As, I can choose file type
Web Page (.htm file) just like in 2003, but it no longer gives the option to
select just the chart. How do you save just the chart as a web page rather
than the whole sheet or whole file?

This was a simple processs in Excel 2003:

1. Create chart and do "Save as Web Page."
2. Click on the "Selection: Chart" radio button.
3. Set your file name and location, then click "Publish."
4. Verify the info on the Publish as Web Page display and click "Open
published Web page in broswer" so that you can easily copy the URL from the
page created. Click "Publish."
5. Copy the URL of htm page displayed.
6. Insert Page Viewer Web Part on SharePoint page.
7. Select "Web Page" in Page Viewer Tool Pane and paste the htm page link
under "Link."
8. Adjust size of Web Part as needed to fit chart and eliminate scroll bars,

But....this process no longer works for me in 2007.




Have you tried moving the chart to a sheet on it's own, ie a chart
sheet, not a worksheet?
right click > move, choose new chart sheet, click OK, do the save
procedure you describe (when you publish it will show this as the only
object on that sheet)


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