"Print to Scale" Excel 2007 Charts



In Excel 2003, one could double-click a chart, print, and the chart would
auto-size to fill a page.
I am unable to print my newly-created Excel 2007 charts so they auto-size to
print one-to-a-page (now requires several time-consuming steps for
reformatting titles, axes, etc.).
I do not have a "print to scale" option in my page setup.
Printing to a Ricoh Aficio AP610N. Thanks so much.

Bernard Liengme

I will assume we are talking of an embedded chart (one sitting on a
worksheet) and not a chart sheet.
In Excel 2003 (all earlier) you did not double click, you just single
clicked to select the chart; then when you gave the print command the
printout would have just the chart and it would fill the page (more or less)
Exactly the same happens in Excel 2007.
best wishes


If I try to print a Chart the default option seems to be, "auto-size to fill
a page".

Click on the graph then Page Layout / Page Setup group / clion on arrow in
lower right hand corner / Page Setup windown launches. This is where the
graph print settings can be changed.

OR type:-

print chart

- into EXCEL F1 Help Facility and there is a variety of options in here
that may assist you.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.


You are correct...single click. And, yes, it is a chart embedded in a
Exactly the same process I have used in the past is not yielding the same
result in Excel 2007.
When single-clicking on an embedded chart (that has title/axes/legends
the print preview does include just the chart, but chart has lost its
formatting (titles, legends, axes are out of alignment), chart does not
autosize to fill the page (it may fill half the page, 1/3 of the page). I've
not encountered this before, and have used for over 10 years.
Have uninstalled and re-installed Office 2007, but no joy.
Any thoughts? Thank you again.

Bernard Liengme

I cannot reproduce this. My titles all get printed and the chart fills the
paper with the margins as set. The normal advice when there is a printer
problem is reinstall printer and make sure you have the latest drive. Tell
us how things turn out

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