Get 2007 Chart to fill page



How do I get Excel 2007 to print a Chart "Full Page?" In previous versions,
you would just click on the chart and hit "Print" and excel would
automatically stretch the chart horizontally and vertically to fill the
entire page. In 2007, my chart fills between the left and right margins, but
there are several inches between both the top and bottom of the page and my
chart. (Even though the page margins for top and bottom are set as low as
they can go.)

What am I missing? Thanks.

Jon Peltier

You are missing nothing. Excel 2007 is missing this capability, which
Microsoft removed for some unknown reason.

You would have to manually stretch the chart to fit on a single page.

- Jon


This is similar to the issue that if you have a chart in its own sheet
in 2007 and have margins which are particularly large at the top/bottom
or left/right, the chart gets truncated rather than scaled to fit down
into the new ratio. Essentially 2007 chart engine does not seem to want
to stretch or shrink the chart, only "zoom in/out" keeping everything
proportional to the original shape.
This seems to have been fixed in 2010, as you change the margins of a
chart sheet the chart actually resizes to fit the appropriate ratio.
So if an upgrade to 2010 is possible for you, then this could offer a


Jon Peltier

Nope, you can't size the chart to fit the window in 2010. It might be
nicer in the way it fits the chart into the print area, but it still
does not fit the chart to the window.

Too bad, it would have been another nice give-back.

- Jon


John, I think we may be saying the same thing in different ways.

A chart on it's own sheet in 2010 is sized to fit the ratio of the
printable area of the page (dependent on the margins, of course).
It is then zoomed to fit in the the height of the window (and adjusts if
you extend the formula bar down to take more space, or minimise the
Ribbon). If you change the zoom manually, it keeps the new zoom level
instead of readjusting. To get it to fit the window again, selct the
chart and go to View > Zoom to selection.
(if you have really weird margins so that the shape of the chart is
ultra-wide landscape, it does not seem to do as good a job of working
out the right zoom and centralising it.

So you're right, there is no option to change the chart to *fill* the
window, it fills the page area and zooms to fit this shape in the
window. Given the prevalence of on-screen use of Excel for viewing or
presenting information, it would indeed be useful to have an option to
fill the window rather than the page.

Bill Rogers

That's BS.

A lot of my work involves automating Excel for our business users. They use it to prepare printed presentations. Your position, while valid, is simply wrong.

MS, unstick your heads form your backsides. Or else I'll just go learn to use OpenOffice.

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