Bringing a chart web part into an Access 2010 web db



This is more of an Access/SharePoint question, which isn't really
discussed too much here. But I need to find a solution, so I figured I'd
post this here. Apologies if it's out of context for the forum.

I have an Access 2010 web database that is published to SharePoint
Office 365 (P1 account) in which I need to display a chart. Since P1
accounts don't have web parts available, I am using a third-party chart
web part called AE Google Chart Webpart

I created a page in my site collection, and added the web part to it.
Works great! Only thing is, I need to bring it into my Access web db.

I found this video which says to insert a web browser control on your
web db form, and point it to the URL of the page containing the chart
web part:

So I did that. I pointed the web browser URL to, where is my SharePoint main site (not really abc), and
ChartWebPart is the name of the page I created which contains the web part.

Using that URL brings in the chart to my Access form; but it also brings
in all the other items on the page (the list of pages on the left; the
headings at the top of the page; the Office 365 banner at the top; etc.).

Now, granted, that video was developed by using their
service. And perhaps creates completely blank pages
and Office 365 creates pages with header junk on them. Maybe that's the
difference. I don't know. But it seems that wouldn't
create a completely blank page. So I don't know why it's working in the
video to only bring in the chart.

In any case, if anyone knows how I can bring in JUST the chart to my
Access form, or has any ideas or suggestions, it would be much appreciated.


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