Excel 2007 page orientation button not working



Can someone help me understand / fix 2 problems?? I've just bought a
refurbished computer from a reputable dealer that has Office 2007 installed.

In Excel 2007, two wierd things are happening:

1) the page orientation tab is greyed out and non-functional for either
newly created files or for old files from v2003.

2) After I change page margins by clicking on the margins button and
selecting an option, the margins tab and the size tab both go grey and do not
work (in addition to the orientation tab which is always greyed out as per
problem #1 above). So I tried a couple of things:

a) If I save the document and open it again, still the same. If I close out
that file, and then start a new file or open an already-created file, the
bottoms still don't work.

b) If I close out Excel, then reopen it, Margins and Size tabs are
functional again! (and when I repeat the change page margins, the whole thing
happens again).

So, what's up? I need to fix both problems. Thanks for any help anyone can


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