Change default print setup!



Hello! I use Excel 2003 and 99% of times I print something in Excel I use
the same print setup.

I would like to know if there's a way to change de default setup to the one
I use so I don't have to change everytime!

Anyone knows?!


Configuração default do Excel:

Orientation: Portrait
Dimension: adjust to 100% of normal size
Superior and Inferior: 2.5
Left and Right: 2

The one I use and would like to set as default:

Orientação: Landscape
Dimension: adjust to 1 page of width and 1 page of height
Superior e Inferior: 0.5
Left and Right: 0.5
Centralize to page: horizontal


Rio de Janeiro/Brazil



Gord Dibben

You can record a macro doing a print setup and run that before printing.

Or you can change the Excel default New Workbook.

Open a new workbook. Customize as you wish including your print the sheets before setup so's all sheets get same

File>Save As Type: scroll down to Excel Template(*.XLT) and select. Name
your workbook "BOOK"(no quotes). Excel will add the .XLT to save as

Store this workbook in the XLSTART folder usually located at........

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

This will be the default workbook for File>New or the Toolbar button
File>New or CTRL + n

WARNING................Do not use File>New...Blank Workbook or you will get
the Excel default workbook.

NOTE: Existing workbooks are not affected by these settings.

You can also open a new workbook and delete all but one sheet. Customize as
you wish then save this as SHEET.XLT in XLSTART folder also. It now becomes
the default Insert>Sheet.

More can be found on this in Help under "templates"(no quotes).

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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