Ruler And Margins Problem ?




Using WORD 2007

Never had this before; always something new, I guess.

I have the Margins and page orientation set perfectly "normal"

8-1/2 x 11 page, the width being the normal 8-1/2
Margins just 1" all around.

When I now open a document, or create a new one, the Ruler across the
top goes out to about 15 inches, and it certainly isn't a "what you see,
is what you get" anymore.

If I keep typing, the line keeps going past the 8-1/2 (less the 1"
margin) I had set.

What might have changed, or am I doing wrong, please ?




Stefan Blom

The document might contain a table that extends beyond the margin. Do you
see the Table Tools tabs on the ribbon when you click inside the paragraph?

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