Excel 2007 Error re "features cannot be saved in macro-free workbo



When saving a 97-2003 workbook to the dafault Excel 2007 format get error

"The following features cannot be saved in macro-free workbooks.

*VB Project

To save a file with these features, click no, and then choose a macro -
enabled file type in the file type list.
To continue saving as a macro freee workbook, click yes.


1. Why is the default Excel filetype macro-free anyway. Would have thought
that as a default it would be be set up to store macros?
2. The file I am saving doesn't have any macros that I can see anyway, so
why does it think the "VB project" is present?
3. Is therefore the "Excel Binary Workbook" format the best alternative file
format for saving this 97-2003 file. PS: I want to eventually save it back to
97-2003 as well (and will be careful not to use 2007-only features in it as

I'm obviously missing something simple here I suspect. Any advice?

Also, just a plug for the other hugely frustrating problem that I am having
that I submitted yesterday entitled "Excel 2007 Saving Takes a Long Time and
Consumes EXACTLY 50% CPU" ... if anyone has any ideas about this one I would
be MOST grateful as I suspect I will have to uninstall 2007 and return to
2003 if I can't work round this.

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