Excel 2007: Saving a file with a Macro



This question will seem silly, but I am going to ask in spite of that. I
have created a spreadsheet/file with a Macro in it. When I attempt to save
it as an .xlsx file I am given a message that includes the following:

The following features cannot be saved in macro-free workborks:

*VB Project

To save a file with these features, click No, and then choose a
macro-enabled file type in the File Type list.

To continue saving as a macro-free workbook, click Yes.

I'd like to know if I MUST choose "Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook" from the
"Save As" list in order to save the file since it has a macro. Thank you.


Hi Gary,
yes you can the extension of the file has to be xlsm so for example


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