enable macros in 2007



hi, please help. i'm new to excel 2007. i designed a template in excel 2003
that uses 12 macros. my problem is that i seem to be unable to turn the macro
enabled feature of excel 2007 on. i have changed all the trust centre
settings on all 5 computers on our network to "allow all macros" as well as
"trust access to VBA projects", i have changed the save option to save files
as format "macro enabled workbooks", yet every time we save a file (with one
of the macros) it says "the following features cannot be saved in macro-free
work books * VB project". what am i doing wrong, i'm really frustrated, so
would appriciate any advice. thanks



Ron de Bruin

See if this helps

Run Office Diagnostics.
Office Button>Excel Options...Resources

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