Excel 2003 crashes when pasting table from Word 2003


Joseph Marton

've rolled out a new workstation image, and in the new image the users are
now running Office 2003 SP3 (previously they were running SP2). Now when
they try and copy and paste a table from Word to Excel, Excel immediately
crashes. However if you do "paste special" and then choose to paste as text
it works but of course you lose all formatting.

OS is XP SP2. Acrobat Pro 8 was installed which had installed some add-ins
to Office, but even after uninstalling them the problem persists. I'm not
sure what to try next. There don't appear to be any post-SP3 updates to

Joseph Marton

Nevermind, problem solved. Apparently one of the cells in the table had its
formatting set as CoverCentered instead of Normal, Centered. Pasting a table
when one cell is formatted that way into Excel 2003 SP3 causes Excel to crash
every time. Once I cleared the formatting and then just made it Normal,
Centered it pasted into Excel without issue.

If anyone can verify this as a bug it may be a good idea to notify Microsoft
of it.

Joe Marton

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