Excel 2003 - Spreadsheet crashes on Save / Save as


Mike Fin

We have a client with a spreadsheet that crashes on Save / Save as or when
trying to break a link to another spreadsheet - both spreadsheets were
created with Excel 2003 SP2.

I f you copy each individual sheet (5 sheets) from Spreadsheet 1 to a blank
spreadsheet - new spreadsheet 1 (5 sheets) it's fine - Save / Save as.

The linked spreadsheet - Spreadsheet 2 works fine all the time when it's
linked to Spreadsheet 1 or not linked - Save / Save as.

As soon as the two are (new spreadsheet 1 and spreadsheet 2 ) linked and you
open the new spreadsheet 1 you get the message that "This workbook links to
other data sourses"

Update / Don't update / Help

Even if you don't Update the links when you Save / Save as / or try breaking
the link and Save MS Excel Crashes:

Microsoft Office Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are
sorry for the incovenience. Debug does nothing - Send report - sends MS a
report -

I have tried different PCs and different versions of Excel - Same issue.


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