Excel 2000 Crashes When Copying



I keep getting Excel to crash when I copy/paste in Excel 2000. I have tried
office SP 1,2,3 did not help. It happens when I use either the toolbar or
right click. I am getting AppVer: ModName: excel.exe. I have
tried uninstalling and reinstalling office, restored the pc to factory
settings, reinstalled office, ran all Microsoft updates, no luck. It
corrupts the file, cannot be opened

Ken Wright

Do you by any chance have any defined named formulas that look like =GET.XXX
If so then copying any cell that refers to these and pasting into another
worksheet would cause a crash.

Ken....................... Microsoft MVP - Excel
Sys Spec - Win XP Pro / XL 97/00/02/03

It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission :)


Did not work. I have tried installing SP1,2, & 3. I now have reverted SP1,
still happens everytime you copy and paste with either the tool bar or right
click. I tried deleting the *.xlb file, did not work.

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