Error signature BCCode: 9c

Discussion in 'Windows XP New Users' started by Sarah Ereira, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Sarah Ereira

    Sarah Ereira Guest

    Help please ! my otherwise nice new computer crashes 2-3 times a day
    with this message:

    Error signature
    BCCode: 9c
    BCP1: 00000004 BCP2: 80545FF0 BCP3: B2000000 BCP4: 00070F0F
    OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP: 2_0 Product 256_1

    Does anyone know what this means ?

    Many thanks if so. ATB, Sarah
    Sarah Ereira, Oct 14, 2005
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  2. This typically points to either a hardware or driver issue. You might
    find additional information in the event viewer (control panel,
    adminstrative tools, event viewer). Look for errors with event id 1001
    or 1002.
    Tom Porterfield
    MS-MVP Windows

    Please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup only.
    Tom Porterfield, Oct 14, 2005
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  3. Many of the reports about BCcode seem to be from ATI video card users. Is
    your video card an ATI brand? See
    If so, have you tried downloading and installing the latest Catalyst
    drivers? By the way, NEVER install hard drivers offered by Windows Update.
    Instead use the prompting to send you off to the hardware maker's web site
    to get THEIR driver.

    Maybe you got infected. See If
    that's the case, how you fix it depends on your level of expertise regarding
    the OS and rootkit tools.
    Vanguard \(NPI\), Oct 14, 2005
  4. Sarah Ereira

    Sarah Ereira Guest

    Thank you - this is very helpful. ATB, Sarah
    Sarah Ereira, Oct 15, 2005
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