Error saving import/export specification



I am using Access 2003 on Vista Ultimate. I have imported 15 or so large csv
files without problem. Then the import text wizard failed throwing the
following error “An error occurred trying to save import/export specification
‘filename’â€. I did not try to save the export specification but when I “OKâ€
the error and select the Advanced button on the wizard and try to save a
specification I get the same error.

I have checked that I have SP3 installed. I see this in the Help>About box
and also in the update history. I have also uninstalled Access (via
add/remove programs) and reinstalled and the reapplied the SP3 update. I
have tried repairing the install. All to no avail. I have checked and
cannot re-import a file that I had earlier imported ok – so I don’t think it
is anything peculiar about the file.

Not sure if it is relevant but while I have Office 2003 Std Ed. Access 2003
was bought and installed separately.

I am at a complete loss and running out of time so any thoughts or help you
can give would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks, Peter

Albert D. Kallal

I would try a compact and repair.

You could also test a blank mdb, and do the import from that new mdb...does
that work?

It is possible your application is corrupted. Perhaps try deleting the spec,
and then re-creating it (and, using a different spec name).

If the blank mdb works, then trying importing everything from the old mdb to
the new one...



Thanks for your quick reply - I'll give your suggestions a try. I think I
might be pushing Access a bit hard - the database is 3GB and growing. I
think I'll split it into smaller ones.



I received same error message during an export. Didn't realize I'd max'd out
the size of my Access db. Read Albert's suggestion and problem was resolved.
Compact and repair worked. Thanks!

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