Error PXE-E79 in Remote Boot



I try to boot an image from a PXE server (Windows 2003 Server
Enterprise Edition) to a target board with a PXE compatible network
card using the Remote Boot Service of XP Embedded SP1. The image
contains the RAM disk driver, has been first booted from hard disk to
pass the First Boot Agent phase, has been then recopied to the server
to a virtual SDI disk and finally from there copied into a new SDI file
C:\>sdimgr c:\SDI_Files\netboot.sdi /readpart:E: (E has been the drive
letter of the SDI disk).
Then netboot.sdi has been copied to "C:\Program Files\Windows
Embedded\Remote Boot Service\Downloads" (the path name of the download
directory as it is given for the TFTP service in the registry) and the
image name "netboot.sdi" is given as value for the DHCP server option
067 (Bootfile Name) and as the name of the boot image as well for
unspecified clients as also in a client entry with the MAC address of
our target in the Remote Boot Service.
If I try to boot the target via network PXE seems to find and transfer
the boot image but then presents the error
PXE-E79: NBP is too big to fit in free base memory.
netboot.sdi has a size of 64 MB whereas the RAM of the target is 1 GB
so this can not be the reason.

Can anyone help me please?



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