Error message "Unable to continue speech enrollment"



When I go to Control Panel>speech I get the error "the requested task cnnot
be carried out becuse the nessary engine could not be created"
The error mesage tells me to switch speech engines. After I select a new
voice I get another error. An exception occured while trying to run
"c:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll,control_RunDLL "C:\Programfiles\Common
Files\Microsoft Shard\Speech\sapi.cpl",speech"

I am running office 2003 and non of the speech tools work in word, excel and
outlook. I have window sp3 but had the problem with sp2

Please help me get a speech engine to work.



Kelly thank you for your response.
I looked in the add/remove programs applet and I do not have

Microsoft Speech Server 2004 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Speech Server 2004 Standard Edition
Microsoft Speech Application SDK 1.

Installed on my computer.
I removed any programs related to speech like ms reader but I still have the
problem after reseting my computer.
I am also reinstalling office 2003 to see if that helps.


I also used tried to install hotfix
but since I am using xp sp3 it did not install.
I am also trying to reinstall the service pack to see if it will help.


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