Error message question



Every time I start or restart my computer I get a window
that pops up and says that I'm missing -
c:\Windows\System32\Tools\DelFolders.exe file. When I
click on OK everything seems to load and run fine. This
also happens when I load any software right before it
finishes loading. I was told it might be a virus, though
Ad-aware won't find anything.

Thanx Dale

Dorian Gray

I had the same problem with delfolders.exe and I found the solution for my
instance. I just upgraded to a new motherboard (ECS) and ran the utility CD
that with it. It loaded software for the SIS chipset such as the AGP
driver, Audio driver, etc. After a couple of reboots, every time I logged
in I received the message that windows could not find
"C:\windows\System32\tools\Delfolders". I found it the reg key trying to
launch that executable in the "RunOnce" folder in HKLM. Every time I
deleted the key it came back. That alone clued me in that something was
being launched to make that key on bootup. After searching I found the

<o:p> </o:p>

In the startup directory there was a file named reboot.exe. This is a
common executable that some programs use (like myself) to reboot the machine
after installing software. However, this reboot.exe had been modified to
include some more code than just rebooting the computer. I knew this
because the icon had Chinese writing allover it. This may or may not be
your exact problem, but check your startup directories (local and all users)
for programs that are launching that don't seem that they need to be there,
or just take them all out and then add them back one by one until the error
returns. If it's not there, try the run keys in the registry under HKLM or

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