Error deleting Registry Key



This is applicable to win 2000 as well as XP .......

I had Panda AV Platinum 7.07.02 installed on machines running 2000 and XP.
I wished to remove it.

On one machine there was no (vendor) uninstall package (?) and I was unable
to uninstall via contol panel (highlighted entry remained even when selected
to remove; no action appeared to be taken). Manual deletion ensued.

On other machine vendor uninstall available and used to uninstall.

Cleanup required as not all traces removed e.g. program file folder etc.

Went into registry and searched for all things "Panda", and deleted as
entries appeared.

However, unable to delete following folders and/or sub folders and /or
entries .....

LEGACY_PAVDRV - anti virus driver
LEGACY_PAVFIRES - firewall service
LEGACY_PAVSRV - ant virus service

Error Deleting Key window appears advising.....

Cannot delete <Folder name as above>: Error while deleting key

Found in


I tried deleting whilst in Safe mode but same result; can't delete.

grateful for any help. Why can't I delete these enties?????

R. McCarty

They have restrictive privileges. You'll need to Right Click on each
key, take Permissions - Add yourself and then Grant yourself Full
Privileges. In some cases you have to start at the lowest sub-key
level and perform the maintenance and then move upward through
the key tree.


Thanks.....I was confused for a moment

I see and can set 'Permissions' but only in XP registry. This is not the
case in win2K registry (checked first hence confusion) I 've done as you
suggest in XP registry and deleted all references to "panda".

There appears to be no "permissions' in win2K registry, or none that I can
find. Can you advise how I can resolve same issue but within 2k ???

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