error: cannot communicate with printer lexmark X75



I am running Windows XP servoce pack 2. I cannot get my Lexmark Printer X75
to work anymore. I have changed the LanguageMonitor to the semicolon. and
have enabled the LexBce Server under my computer tab in services. I have
tried various other options including downloading new drivers from Lexmark to
no avail. Any ideas out there? I have been fooling with this for 2 days now.
Unit will scan fine but prints nothing. I would appreciate any help.


I just want to thank you Carl. The link to clean print driver worked
perfectly. I was having terrrible trouble getting my Lexmark z45 to
communicate with my computer(XP). But all is well after I cleaned up the
print drivers.


Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Happy printing..... and for future reference, it's not Carl, it's Cari!
(but I'm used to the gender change, it happens fairly frequently)

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