Error 1402...



When i try to install this program, everything goes fine
until the actual install process. It come up
saying "Error 1402.Could not open key:
UNKNOWN\MSComctlLib.ListViewCtrl.2\CLSID. Verify that
you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your
support personnel." then it cancels the installation. I'm
running Windows XP and i'm an admin. Anyone know what i
can do?




Hello Dan:

If you are installing on Windows 2000, Windows XP, or
Windows Server 2003, you must install with administrator

Before you install AntiSpyware, use these suggestions to
prepare your computer:

If you have any other anti-spyware programs on your
computer, you should uninstall them and restart your
computer before installing Microsoft AntiSpyware. Although
removing other anti-spyware programs is not necessary it
is recommend because it is possible that Microsoft
AntiSpyware could detect spyware that has already been
quarantined by another anti-spyware program if the other
program has not secured its quarantined files.

To uninstall other anti-spyware programs, see the user
documentation that came with the program.

Close all other Windows programs before installing
Microsoft AntiSpyware, including those programs displayed
in the Windows tray.

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