1402 Error Installing Application



Hi all,
I am attempting to install the anti-spyware application on
my in-laws home machine, and I am receiving a 1402 error:

Error 1402 Could not open key:
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or
contact you support personnel.

They are using Windows XP Home edition. I fear that they
have one to many viruses/ spyware apps on the machine
already and it may just be time to re-install the OS, but
wanted to make sure this was not something that someone had
ran into before...




Bill Sanderson

I think you may be seeing a beta issue, rather than a spyware effect.
Check to be sure you are running as what I think, in XP Home, is called
"owner" rather than as a limited user.

If you are running as owner, I've got one further thought:

Try restarting in safe mode, and logging in as administrator. this may have
a blank password.

You will need to start additional serivices--I think maybe just the Windows
Installer serivce, to do the install in safe mode, but it can be done, I




At work, I have installed MSAS on a number of PCs and it
works very well. In your case, simply run regedit or
regedt32 and go to the key below. Go to Edit,
Permissions. Make sure that System (and Administrators)
has Full Control. Just a thought. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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