Epson R300



This is the second R300 I have had, this being a warranty replacement. the
first wouldn't print any light cyan even if I put a new cartridge in, now I
have the very same problem with the replacement. every thing looks normal,
plenty of ink I've done all the cleaning and so on, but it won't print light
cyan, now Epson aren't interested saying the warranty run out with the first
R300. I don't think the jets are blocked as ink go when I do a cartridge
clean. has anyone had this problem and solved it?

Arthur Entlich

1) Your warranty is usually one year, regardless of how many printers
they supply during it. Also, toward the end of the warranty, you should
be given something like a 30 day period to determine if the replacement
model is OK, even if that goes beyond your one year period.

2) How do you know the light cyan ink is actually being "used" during
the cleaning cycles/tests? Are you looking at the Ink Status Monitor?
This is a completely fallacious "view" of ink usage. The ink is never
actually monitored in Epson printers. The printer "assumes" a certain
usage based upon the function it is engaged in (printing, cleaning,
purging, installing a new cartridges, etc) and that amount is subtracted
from the ink monitor numbers and the microchip on the printer cartridge.
During printing the number of dots per head is counted, but the actual
ink that passes through the heads is unknown. So, do not assume that a
drop in the ink status monitor graphic means ink is actually leaving the
cartridge through the head or otherwise.

If you'd like to get instructions on how to clear a clog on your Epson
printer, email me using the address below and indicate the problem and
model involved. No cost, no spam.


(at) = @
(dot) = .


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