Epson C62 clogging problemz


Big Wave

Anybody have a cleaning method for the Epson C62? I have tried the
"windex" method but on the C62 the jets stick UP into the cartridges,
there is no sponge reservoir of ink to fill and no way short of
filling up an empty ink cartridge with isopropanol to get the solvent
through the jets (that I can think of).





Fred Keen

Start a printing job. Once the paper is part way through and the printheads
are moving back and forth pull the power plug from the socket. Open the
lids holding the cartridges in place and remove the two cartridges and set
them aside. Get a 3cc syringe without a needle on it and fill it with
isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Place the tip of the syringe over the the black
ink post that sticks up from the bottom of the black ink holder. Using a
GENTLE in and out pumping action, slowly inject the alcohol into the black
printhead. Repeat the same proceedure for the other three colors. When
finished reinstal the ink cartridges and plug the printer back in. The paper
will be ejected and the printer will perform a startup cleaning. Run a
nozzle check. You may have to do another cleaning cycle or two to get all of
the nozzles firing and all of the alcohol out of the system.

Let us know how it goes.


Obviously you have not been reading the posts here. If you had, you'd
realize that the problem is not what you are doing or not doing. The
problem is as follows E-P-S-O-N.




I beg to differ. I own several Epson's and never had a problem with head

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