Envelope Printing Error



Using an HP Laserjet Printer on a Jet Direct Print Server, I regularly
attempt to print several envelopes in Word (Office Pro 2003). Upon
successfully sending the first envelope print job, I get a format error
message on subsequent attempts to print additional envelopes. The error
message states that the print is outside the boundaries of the Margin
settings for the envelope size setup (#10). The only fix I have found is to
close Word and reopen it and attempt to print another envelope; also, since I
have the printer set to manual feed as the envelopes tend to jam, I can load
and print the envelope waiting in the print queue and then set up another
envelope print job. Very time consuming and irritating. Anyone encounter
this issue? A bug in the Envelope/Labels portion of Word?



Graham Mayor

If you are printing several envelopes at a time, you may find the automated
#10 envelope templates that you can download from my web site useful.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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