Entry Point Not Found Error Message


Bill Jackson

I am running WindowsXP with SP3 and Internet Explorer 7 on a Dell Dimension
4500 computer. I have 1 gig of memory on board. The system has been running
perfectly until recently.

For no apparent reason, my computer became extremely slow one day last week.
It was running perfectly early in the day, but that evening when I clicked
on the 'My Computer' folder icon, it took at least ,minutes for the folder
to open. I tried other folders on the desktop with the same results.

Thinking that there might have been a virus or some spyware on my system, I
ran AVG Virus program, Ad-Aware, A-Squared, Malwarebyte, Spybot, Spyware
Terminator, and Super Antispyware.
The problem was not corrected.

I then decided to do a repair install of WindowsXP. This did not correct the
problem either, but another problem has cropped up. Whenever I click on the
Internet Explorer icon on the desktop, or try to open 'iexplorer.exe" in
'C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer', I get the following error message:
"iexplorer.exe-Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point
SHRegGetValueW could not be located in the dynamic link library
SHLWAPI.dll". As a consequence, I no longer have access to the internet on
this computer.

Can anyone help me solve this problem regarding the 'entry point not found'.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on solving my original problem of the
drastic slow-down, I would appreciate help in that area also.

Ragnar Midtskogen

I would just try to download and install IE 7, it may have gotten clobbered
when you did a repair.


Tim Meddick

I agree, the most likely cause of this is a difference in the IE versions of
Iexplore.exe within the "Program Files" folder and the other IE files such
as "shlwapi.dll" that live in the system32 directory and that would have
been replaced in an XP repair job to older versions - XP came with IE6
originally. Doing an reinstall of IE7 will probably fix the problem.

Bill Jackson

I downloaded and tried a reinstall of IE7. An error message popped up
telling me that my current Service Pack version would not support the
install of IE7. I assume that when I attempted the repair installation of
WindowsXP, my SP3 version was somehow changed.

Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if IE7 or IE8 is

The bad news is that neither a Repair Install of WinXP nor a reinstall of
IE7 would have addressed your hijackware problem anyway, only a clean
install would.

The good news is that since you've tried to do a Repair Install without
having first uninstalled IE7, a format & clean install is your only option

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