Enter Parameter Value in Access Form

Jul 22, 2017
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Hai Everyone, i hope there is somebody could help me to get through this problem...
I already check a lot reference but i still cant get the answer yet...

Could somebody help me by remove the Enter Parameter Value dialog box

my condition is:
I have a table called Sales Header as Parents and Sales Detail as Child form
I Created a Sales form using that two table and then i realized that some field in Sales Detail is useless so i decide to delete it.
I Already check at my Sales Form and no field related to the field that i want to delete so i delete it. But when im back to the sales form suddently that not wanted dialog box is appear said "Enter Parameter Value" for Item price and Total that is Calculated Field that i already create a new on in the form field.

So could somebody hlp me which part that i miss so this problem could be solved

Thanks All

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