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Dec 9, 2015
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I am new to this and I don't know to go to the discussion on this topic so I began I new thread.

I read this that was posted some time back: I am having the same issue! I have Access 2013

>Hi, I deleted a field from a table, and then went to the form and deleted the
>same field.
>Now, whenever I open the form, it asks me to "enter parameter value" for the
>deleted field. How do I make it stop doing this?
>Or do I just need to delete the form and create it again?
>Thanks in advance.

Somewhere on that form, you're still referencing the field. The first places
I'd look:

- View the form's Properties. Find the Recordsource property on the Data tab,
click the ... icon by it, and open the query datasheet. If the deleted field
is still there, remove it from the query and accept Access' offer to save the
SQL when you close the query window.

- Check the form's Filter and OrderBy properties, and remove the field if it's

If you still get the error, post back - there are some other places it could
be buried.

I can not understand your instructions. You said find record source property. Where? Data tab? Where? I am trying. All has worked well until I tried to add Zip Code to my data Table and then I decided I didn't want it and deleted it. When I click add existing fields , Zip Code is there. Can you help me get rid of it? Thanks
John W. Vinson [MVP]

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