english vista premium upgrade



i have a laptop i bought in japan and it came with japanese home basic. if i
upgraded my vista to home premium english edition, will this change my
language or will i still be using the orig language it came with?



Mick Murphy

It won't install; wrong upgrade language!.
You have to either upgrade the japanese one to ultimate(japanese language),
then download the english language pack, or buy a cheaper OEM English Home
Premium vista version(or a Retail Home Premium, if you want t transfer it at
any time), and ditch the japapese basic!

Richard G. Harper

When you upgrade you must upgrade in the same language you have now. None
of the Home editions of Vista support changing languages in any case so the
upgrade would be a waste of your money if all you wanted to do was change
the language.




Answer is No, because the language version does not match. Your option
would be to get 1) English, full version Vista Home Premium, or
2)Japanese,upgrade version Vista Ultimate and install English language
pack on it.

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